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Robert Wideman is still in prison!  

His Crime?  On November 17, 1975, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, six young men conspired to commit a crime.  Three of them-Mr Wideman and two accomplices were to sell the other three criminals stolen television sets.  A criminal arrangement for sure.  Mr. Wideman and his accomplices planned to 'rip off' their buyer.  Thieves robbing thieves.  One of Mr. Wideman's accomplices shot one of the other criminal participants in the shoulder as he attempted to flee.  He died hours later after  St. Joseph's Hospital doctors improperly bandaged his wound.  The hospital also refused to use the available ambulance to transfer the shooting victim to another hospital that could give him the treatment that was unavailable at their facility.  This furthered the injury, resulting in the victim's death.  

The victim's family sued St. Joseph's Hospital for Wrongful Death.  The hospital capitulated, admitted the wrong doing, and settled the case for $100,000.   All of the other participants, except Mr. Wideman and one other accomplice, have been released from prison.  In fact, two of the criminal participants were never even charged.  

Pennsylvania courts, despite the successful Wrongful Death suit, plus an affirmative ruling by an Allegheny County Judge (Judge James McGregor) denied Mr. Wideman a new trial and ruled he should spend the rest of his life in prison!!  

No other State in the United States, or anywhere else in the Western world, would keep Robert Wideman in jail after this evidence.  AFTER 33 YEARS!!  
We believe it is morally, ethically, and politically wrong to imprison Robert Wideman any longer.  

MORALLY:   Anyone should be released from prison after serving 33 years. The only exception should be someone who is a violent psychopath or has behavior, while in prison, that has proven to be completely incorrigible. Robert Wideman DOES NOT fit either scenario.  Robert deserves a SECOND CHANCE.

ETHICALLY:  In NO other State and no other Civilized Country would such Draconian punishment be imposed for the actions of Mr. Wideman.

POLITICALLY:   Why should Pennsylvania Taxpayers pay $35,000 per year to keep Robert Wideman in prison?  Especially when, according to EVERY Prison Official that knows Robert Wideman; he is NOT a threat to Society, but in fact would be an ASSET to Society if released.

**If you believe Robert Wideman should be given a second chance, please sign our Petition under the ONLINE PETITIONS TAB  and let the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons know that you are petitioning them on Robert's behalf asking for MERCY and to RELEASE HIM.  
Robert's Story- In his own words